viernes, 14 de marzo de 2014

Manel López

Manel Lopez aka mamomo now celebrating 30 years of dj

Co-founder of "Looperfunk" Group

Dj and Producer of La Boîte Records, Confusion Records and Wavemotive group


Dj revelation in "Alicante Sun Festival"

He has played in the same sets with with top international level DJs Wally Lopez, Carlo Jean , Uner , Juan Magan, Dario Nuñez ...

Support FM Flaix festivals and has played the stage with all Flash djs

Played at Supermartxé parties , Matinée Group, Live & Colors, GLOW- B and other important groups.

It also produces visual and 3D effects, for many entities and groups.
" Keep going, never stop " 
Manel López was born in Lleida. Transmits a big optimistic , versatile person has a direct gaze and a well-modulated voice.
Those who know him well say that is intuitive , creative , bright, holder of a non-combustible energy, has managed to turn in their profession which suits him do.
His work is characterized by an unmistakable personal stamp has been recognized , praised and awarded many times .
Seems to belong to the group of people who believe that if you do not take the initiative does not get anywhere , you have the flag, do not be swayed by circumstances. and of course, keep going, never stop. 
Written by Robert Moncasi (Reporter)

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