jueves, 18 de mayo de 2017

Biel Garzia - El Colibri EP (Includes Soulemook and Manel Sanmartin remixes)

Biel Garzia - El Colibri EP (Includes Soulemook and Manel Sanmartin remixes)

Biel Garzia -El Colibrí (Original Mix)PREVIEW
Biel Garzia - El Colibrí (Soulemook Remix)PREVIEW
Biel Garzia - El Colibrí (Manel Sanmartin Remix)PREVIEW

The new song of biel Garzia is called "El Colibri", an Ep Album in which you can find from the original version as the remixes of soulemook and Manel Sanmartin, tremendously danceable and catchy with a sound and hardcore techno base

Video preview:

Biel Garzia -El Colibrí (Original Mix) PREVIEW

Biel Garzia - El Colibrí (Soulemook Remix) PREVIEW

Biel Garzia - El Colibrí (Manel Sanmartin Remix) PREVIEW

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