Biel Garzia

BIEL GARZIA (Barcelona)

His work is defined by very rhythmic sets and enthusiastic while melodic and gentle mixing quality and dynamic. His interest in music has evolved and test new trends like Deephouse, Indie dance, foul soul, and becoming part of the collective Addicted to music by Mandangroup, Commandsound and digital labels Kimbo kimbouse records and records.

His performances have traveled to festivals such as: University Summer Festival (Vilassar de Dalt); and clubs such as: Florida 135 (Fraga), La Cova forest club (Barcelona), Wonder (Lleida), River (Lleida), Chic (Lleida), Loft (Lleida), Arka (Almacellas) Bocai club lounge (Tarifa) Weekend (Mollerusa) or After (Lleida) the Cau (Tarragona) and many more.

You can now download Biel Music

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